What Not to Eat When You Have a Yeast Infection in Your Throat

Oral thrush isn’t an uncommon condition. It involves the overgrowth of the Candida albicans organism in your mouth and throat. Common symptoms include white patches covering your throat, cheeks, mouth, and tongue. You may also develop painful sores within the mouth.

The milder your oral thrush case is when it’s developed, the easier it is to treat. Doctors commonly turn to oral medications and mouth washes and you may want to explore natural remedies and rinses as well. Oral thrush can impact both children (as young as newborns) and adults, so you’ll need to choose your treatment method accordingly.

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Foods to Avoid When You have Thrush in the Throat

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need to avoid the same foods you’d avoid with any traditional Candida diet. You need to avoid all sugars (including some artificial sweeteners), all alcohol, grains containing gluten, most high-sugar fruits, starchy vegetables, any meats or seafoods that aren’t organic or wild-caught, preservatives, coffee, soda, tea, and juice. You’ll also avoid mushrooms and other fungal foods and you’ll need to stay away from most condiments, vinegars, and oils that are likely contaminated with GMOs or molds.

Citric acid is something we usually tell people to avoid while dealing with Candida, but we usually find that in its natural form – in citrus fruits like lemons and limes – it’s not harmful. That said, when you have oral thrush you should avoid acids altogether as they’ll likely irritate the sores in your mouth and throat. This means you should avoid oranges, lemons, limes, tomatoes – products made with these foods, and their juices.

So What Can You Eat?

Aside from citric acids, foods that are on the list approved for the regular Candida Crusher diet are generally good for those with oral thrush. Yogurt is highly recommended, as it will expose your mouth, throat, and intestines to probiotics. You may also find that colder foods and liquids provide some relief to the discomfort caused by the sores and coating in your mouth.

Look for softer foods that are easier to swallow. If you generally cook your approved vegetables to an al-dente state, you may want to cook them so that they’re a little bit softer and easier to swallow. You might also want to consider blending them into a soup so that you’re able to get your nutrients without irritating your throat. You’ll want to have these things warm, not hot, and you’ll want to avoid spices that may cause irritation as well.

Other Things You Can Do to Rind Relief

As always, follow a Candida diet and make sure you’re getting a good probiotic, as this will help with your systemic yeast overgrowth. To treat it locally, consider rinsing with a mouthwash of 2TBSP water with 5 drops of water soluble tea tree oil (rinse your mouth and spit it out – don’t swallow it). Do your best to avoid inhaled steroidal drugs and antibiotics as well.

Oral thrush that has spread to the throat isn’t pleasant. Take a proactive approach to your treatment and don’t try to push foods you shouldn’t have too soon. Carefully caring for the delicate tissues of your mouth and throat will make your recovery a lot easier.

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17 thoughts on “What Not to Eat When You Have a Yeast Infection in Your Throat”

  1. Please help me got my TEETH PULL 1/12 weeks ago my tongue is swollen and I have a mark on it my doctor gave me some antibiotics and some steroids to take it its still sore how does have please help me

  2. Last week I went to the emergency room I was told I had sore throat, was put on antibioticsm Went to another emergency and was told I had oral thrush. I was put on a mouth rinse and prilosec.

    1- Cannot eat solid food * it is,been a week ) . Have,kost 15 pounds.

    2- Cannot drink too much liquid.

    3- Cannot swalliw my regular medicatuon and have yo,crush it.

    4- Trouble sleping:,

    5-Thick saliva, sonetines very dry mourh with no saliva, feel mucus and plhegm, feel pain , like a lump in my throat.

    • Try a Candida diet, I have the same thing going on with myself for many years. I even just had my tonsils out thinking it would solve this last year. Changing my diet has been the only thing so far in years to help this feeling in my throat. I went to the ENT couple weeks ago and got a scope down my throat and it was a yeast infection that was that feeling in my throat aka oral thrush. They put me on a anti fungal and told me to stay away from all sugars, stick with steamed veggies and unprocessed meats. I would definitely talk with your Doctor though and bring up Candida.

      • Read up on raw honey.
        It works like an antibiotic ,but is actually helping the healing process
        You can have half of tea spoon 3 times a day and also rinse your mouth with honey
        Leaving it in there as much as possible
        There are also life bacteria that kill yeast (bring it under control )
        You can buy them in health food stores.
        I don’t use chemical medicine
        Antibiotic or steroids promote yeast infections

    • Hey I am going throug something similar I’m just curious as how you are doing now? I was given to anti Fungal medications. One pill form and Nystatin an oral rinse. I feel like I haven’t seen much improvement over a week. Any advice?

  3. Can I eat weetabix with semi skimmed milk, hot as I have oral thrush. I am treating it with bicarbonate of soda as I had a nasty reaction to anti fungal tablets

  4. Eat a lot of greens and Greek yoghurt with green apple and walnuts. Crush 1 fresh garlic with salt and swallow . Stay right away from sugar and mould foods . Yeast free and sugar free breads good to eat organic food .

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