Frequently Asked Questions #23

  1. The skin under my breast is red and extremely itchy. What is it and what can I do for it?

The following can cause rash between breasts or under the breast: sweating, allergies, breastfeeding, excess fat, etc. If the skin under your breast(s) is red and itchy, you may also be dealing with a yeast infection. Yeast thrives in warm and moist conditions – therefore, the perfect environment under the breast. This is especially true for ladies with bigger breasts where the skin of the breast is touching their rib area at all times.

To help prevent that from happening, always ensure that the area is dry. Since sweating will leave the area moist, it will be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacterial or fungal growth and infections. Air out the area if possible. Yeast infection under the breast may look like a rash accompanied by blisters or cracks in some cases. The rash can be very itchy.

You may use anti-fungal cream to help treat the candidiasis. If the over the counter anti-fungal creams don’t work due to the stubborn nature of the rash, you may seek medical treatment via your doctor. At home treatment can include rubbing coconut oil on the area. Grapefruit seed extract diluted with water has also shown to help get rid of fungal infections. In this video, Eric Bakker talks natural ways of getting rid of the breast rash.

  1. Can smoking feed candida and bad bacteria?

Though there is no direct link that smoking can cause candida, it can most definitely feed into increasing candida and bad bacteria in the gut. Nicotine affects the body by constricting blood vessels which can stimulate a stress in the body. Additionally, it can also generate the release of glycogen, which forces the pancreas to release insulin and move sugar into a cell. Nicotine affects the adrenal gland also. Because it stimulates the production of adrenaline, which also stimulates the release of glycogen. It is a vicious cycle. Smoking initiates stress, which can cause for the blood sugar to go out of balance.

Smoking has a trickling effect on our bodies. It affects behavior, which can affect appetite. It changes ones relationship with food, which can cause or feed existing candida. It also has a very powerful effect on the parasympathetic receptor cells of the body, which essentially has a calming affect on smokers. When smokers have a cigarette when they feel stressed or nervous or anxious, it makes them feel calmer and better. It has been known to either increase or decrease appetite. One might eat too much or not a lot, and they might end up eating too much of one food – for example, eating too much sugar or too much spices. This is because smokers generally don’t have a great sense of taste. If they modify the food with extra sugar or spice, it could cause candida by destroying natural gut flora. For more, watch this video by Eric Bakker where he talks about nicotine and candida.

  1. Why do I have bad anal itching?

You may have a pre-existing digestive problem that was there before the anal itching and which exuberated it. Think about your medical history: have you dealt with hemorrhoids? Or anal fissures, and tears? Do you have a history of diabetes or thyroid disease? People who suffer from candida can have consistent and persistent itching in the anal area. Anal itching can be contributed due diarrhea as well. Lots of diarrhea coming out the area can cause a rash and itchiness. It could also be a parasite or a bacterial problem.

To find out if you are dealing with candida, you can do a stool test. If there is candida present, a rectal cream is not enough in treating it. You can also get the area thoroughly checked out by a gastroenterologists. A specialist’s report coupled with a comprehensive stool analysis can demonstrate the full picture of anal itching. If the reports confirm a candida presence, you will want to do a candida cleanse. Chances the cleanse will also help treat an array of other issues you hadn’t linked to candida prior to this.

Eric Bakker has a very information video on anal itching. You can watch it here. To go on a candida cleanse, you can watch the following video to learn more.

  1. What are the benefits of probiotics for my gut flora?

If you have been on antibiotic, chances are your gut flora has been destroyed. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria, leaving space for candida to multiply and create an imbalanced gut flora. Besides antibiotics, many other things can contribute to the destruction of gut flora: having an unhealthy diet, lack of prebiotics, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc.

A good probiotic which has the right formulations for Candida also contain enzymes. The enzymes makes all the difference. A probiotic along with a good and healthy diet can make a world’s difference for the gut flora. Probiotics for candida with enzymes in them allow the good foods one is eating to break down more effectively. This allows for the bacteria in the gut to thrive on that broken down food. Probiotics also help with weight loss, digestion and better immune function. They contain live bacteria which are considered as good bacteria. When there is an imbalance of bad bacteria vs good, candida can overgrow causing all sorts of problems.

If you are looking for an awesome probiotic product, check out Eric Bakker’s CanXida line. CanXida Restore is one of the products of the line. It contains enzymes and it contains beneficial bacteria.

  1. What benefits are there to restoring my digestive health which is in bad shape?

Restoring your digestive health is beneficial in so many ways. We don’t realize how much the health of our digestive system can have an affect on us both mentally and physically. When our digestive health is in chaos, we feel a number of unwanted symptoms: brain fog, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, anxiety, depression, etc. A healthy digestive system will also help in decreasing inflammation, improve brain function and mood. Furthermore, a digestive system where there is a candida overgrowth is not a healthy picture. It means that your body is being fed foods that are helping the candida thrive.

To start your journey in restoring your digestive health, start by cutting foods that feed candida. You can find a list of the foods here. Start on taking probiotics everyday. An awesome product created by Eric Bakker with hundreds of testimonials is the CanXida line of products. You can check it out here. Having a healthy lifestyle will also help with restoring the digestive system. This means stopping to smoke if you are smoker, cut out on alcohol, being more active, avoiding sugar.