Causes Of Male Yeast Infections

Although it is usually the ladies who are accused of having a loving of chocolate, in my experience the gentlemen are equally as fond of the sweet stuff – and I don’t just mean chocolate. Many men are equally as fond of cookies, sweets, ice-cream, cakes and desserts. Tie that in with their taste for not only beer, but also other forms of alcohol, and you have a Candida problem in the making!

In fact in some cases the fact that many men are already driven by cravings for sweet stuff is a strong indication that they already have a Candida overgrowth. My father spent many years and an awful lot of money trying to find out the cause of his distressing digestive issues before he discovered the work of Dr William Crook who finally unveiled the mystery for him. Meanwhile it wasn’t just him who had to suffer from his offensive gas, stomach rumbling, constant belching and rather odorous feet – we all had to live with it!

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Yet despite the fact that many men do suffer from Candida it is often perceived as being a disease only women get. Usually this is related to the notoriety of vaginal thrush, rather than it being founded in any kind of fact, but it does mean that many men out there have health issues which simply are not being looked in to.

In reality men can be just as susceptible to Candida as women and there are many other reasons, in addition to the sweetie fest, why this might be so. For instance, just as many men use antibiotics as women and this particular drug is now renown for initiating yeast overgrowth. Men too often have sexual relations without going through an adequate personal hygiene regimen, tending only to think of, if anything, the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. They also might work in jobs which require wearing heavy, dirty overalls for long periods and are certainly more inclined to put themselves, and their bodies, through extremes of physical exercise without giving themselves enough recovery time.

Yet all these things can contribute to either initiating a Candida overgrowth or aggravating an existing one.

Exercise and Candida

One of the main areas of concern but which receives little attention when it comes to Candida is that of over-exertion or stress. When it comes to thinking about stress most people automatically consider the mental or emotional kind, but the body can also be subject to physical stresses which need to be resolved with just as much consideration as psychological stress.

For example, when we over exert our body, we lower our levels of immunity and increase the chance of fatigue of our adrenal glands. Because yeast infections, and particularly Candida albicans, is opportunistic then when our immunity is low this often leaves us open to overgrowth. Adrenal fatigue also runs hand in hand with low cortisol levels, which results in a cyclical effect, reducing the efficiency of the immune system and allowing the Candida to overgrow and cause even more problems.

Men, particularly those who participate in regular physical exertion, simply must appreciate that they need to give their bodies time to recover before moving on to the next gym session or marathon trek. Once you know you have reached burn-out point then you have gone too far and are leaving your body open to disease that it simply isn’t strong enough to fight.

Sweeties, Snacking and Junk Food

Most men raid the refrigerator because, like it or not, they are ‘snackers.’ Yet late night raids or out-in-the-open binges can lead to problems a lot more severe than simply increasing your waistline. Junk food and particularly that which has sat around overnight and then been quickly and inadequately heated in the microwave, carries loads of spores which simply transfer straight into your digestive system. And, although it isn’t just junk foods which are the problem, snacking foods tend to be loaded with sugars of all varieties, which junk foods obviously are. Molds and sugars are Candida favorites too, so the more you feed down to them the happy they are to grow and colonize your digestive system.

Have you noticed that although you always had a sweet tooth and snacking habits, the problem is getting worse? Could your urges now be described as cravings? If so it is more than likely that you already have a yeast infection which will soon, if it hasn’t already, present itself as uncomfortable digestive disturbances, or even externally as Athlete’s Foot or Jock Itch.

If you haven’t already cut back on the sweets, alcohol, snacks and junk food then start right now. One of the best ways to rid yourself of Candida and improve your health generally is to begin starving those yeasts into submission. Then make sure you wash and dry your genital region properly on a regular basis, particularly if your occupation entails you wearing coveralls for long periods. If you participate in sports, particularly those which utilize a lot of energy and push you to burn-out, then remember that burn-out is your body telling you that you’ve gone too far. Take time out to rest and recover and when you go back to your exercise regimen then make sure it is one designed to keep you healthy rather than make you ill. After all, that is generally speaking the whole point of exercising in the first place! Canxida Remove is recommended for those with moderate to severe cases.

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  1. Eric I’m so glad I found your site . I have never had a yeast infection before . I’m a 48 yr old healthy male . I have been implementing all your diet and cleanse ideologies . I would like to purchase your cleanse items as well . It started to affect me in late October and I have been in diligent removing alcohol and sugars . I realize that stress plays a crucial role in the development of candida overgrowth. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your straight forward attitude in order to beat this . Kind regards tod

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